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Thanksgiving Food Drive 2014 Sticky

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us remember that many people struggle to provide food for their families during the holidays. With your generous support, Wynona’s House staff and community volunteers create Thanksgiving Baskets for the families we serve.

Holiday Magic 2014

The Holiday Magic campaign is an event in which children create a “Holiday Wish List” and are presented with gifts from their list during the holiday season. Wynona’s House will fulfill each child’s wish list by using donated funds to purchase gifts, pairing an item from the list with a donated gift, or matching a child’s wish list with a donor who has generously decided to sponsor a child during the holidays.

Wynona's Wall

A permanent art installation of children helping children.

Wynona’s Wall is a community tile project that turns children's artwork into the walls of the waiting room and other areas of Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center. Artwork functions as a comforting visual for children awaiting services. Children are soothed by identifying with artwork from peers. It is a simple yet important way for children to help children and be an active part of the community.

Children create artwork on a 8 1/2’’ x 8 1/2’’ piece of paper (kits will be mailed upon request) which is mailed postage paid to Wynona’s House. The art is then transformed into a glazed tile that will be permanently installed in the building.

Our Namesake

Senator Wynona M. Lipman Wynona's House is named after its founder and legislative champion, the late Senator Wynona M. Lipman.   Senator Lipman was the first African American woman in the New Jersey legislature and the longest serving member at the time of her death in 1999, with 28 years of service advocating for women and children. 

Throughout her career, she was known as the ‘Steel Magnolia’ for her persistence in adhering to her principles and priorities while always maintaining grace, elegance, and style – an iron hand in a velvet glove!
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